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Yellow Lines | 2022

Yellow Lines is an experimental narrative about artistic exploration. It combines 2D-digital and fine art assets as an ode to the evolution of interdisciplinary studies during the life of an artist. The story follows a semi-autobiographical study of the filmmaker's relationship with art through the years.

Animated Bumper for Yellow Lines for its United States premiere at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


A Seal Story | 2021

“A Seal Story” follows a day in the life of a mother seal and her pup as they navigate the challenges imposed by human interference on the beach. The film calls for a collective understanding about how the dangers of human interference impact marine mammals, and asks for members of the public to be part of a collaborative effort to reduce beach waste while respecting wild seals and their space.

A Seal Story Beach Shot.png
Baby Seal Closeup Shot.png
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A Seal Story

Forever and a Day | 2020

'Forever and a Day' was a pandemic film dedicated to the filmmaker's family. The personal narrative depicts the love and memories that the filmmaker and their grandmother shared before she passed away. When words aren't enough, art may take their place.

Forever and a Day
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